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Game invented - what now?

At this point, we offer you a small overview of what you should consider as a game designer, if you would like to introduce us to your idea.
Before you send us your game idea, please familiarize yourself with our current publishing program. If you have the impression that your game is too HUCH! Please contact us preferably by e-mail (info@hutter-trade.com with subject "Game Idea") or by post.

Our address:

Hutter Trade GmbH + Co KG
Bgm.-Landmann-Platz 1-5
D-89312 Günzburg

In order for us to get a complete picture of your game idea and to judge whether it really fits into our program, we need the following:

A general description of your game idea and why you think it fits into our program, along with some meaningful bullet points, which is what makes your idea special.
The full game instructions, ideally with some photos of the game material. (Please make sure that the rule is written comprehensibly.)

Do not worry, the design of the rule and the game material will not affect our rating. Important to us is the underlying idea, ie how well the game mechanisms work.

If you want to offer your game idea in parallel to several publishers, you are welcome to do so. Please mention this in your message. If another publisher expresses particular interest or concludes a contract with you, so that the game idea is no longer available to us, we also ask for brief notification.

Usually after receiving your mail you will receive a short confirmation from us that your game idea has arrived. Then it's time to wait. Since we often receive a large number of suggestions, it can take a few weeks for your idea to be tested and evaluated for the time being. But if you have not heard from us after about a month, please ask again. The processing times vary by the way seasonal. In autumn / winter usually more game ideas come to us than in summer, so that a response can be made sooner or later.

If your idea is of interest at the first exam, the next step is to ask you to submit a complete, fully playable prototype. Please send your prototype with the addition "Redaktion" to the o.g. Publisher address. Please write down your contact information on both the manual and on the game box. Particularly important are your e-mail address and a telephone number. The receipt of your prototype, we confirm again by mail.

Then you need patience again, because it may take a few weeks or even months before the game has been extensively tested in different test groups. If the game is evaluated positively in the test rounds, finally a final assessment takes place in the program conference. If your game also takes this last hurdle, you will receive a publishing contract from us. From then on, depending on our programming, it may take a few months, but usually one or two years before the game finally appears.

ATTENTION: When we implement a game idea, we reserve the right to change the theme, title, graphics and illustrations in comparison to your prototype. Also changes and adjustments of the mechanisms are possible, but always take place in coordination with the author.

More information:

Please do not send unsolicited prototypes to us.
Focus on the ideas that you believe best suit us. Do not send more than two ideas at once.
The following games are generally of no interest to us: role-playing games, collectible card games, sports games, war games and games with a strong violent, sexual or religious background.