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Frequently asked Questions:

How do I become a customer? Who supplies Hutter Trade?

Our offer is aimed exclusively at commercial customers. Basically, therefore, we require proof of your commercial activity. Please send us your trade license by mail, fax or letter. The indication of a VAT ID. is not enough for this.

How fast can you deliver?

Normally the delivery takes 3-5 working days.

How do I order from Hutter Trade?

With us you can order as you like most: by phone, fax, letter or by e-mail. The contact details can be found in Imprint. In order to ensure a smooth processing of customer orders, we need your address data as well as the article numbers and the quantities.

Where can I order your games as a private customer?

Please contact a bookstore, a toy retailer near you or check one of the numerous online shops.

What is the minimum order value? Is there a minimum purchase? Do entire packaging units have to be removed?

No! We have no minimum order value. Because we want you to be able to make flexible decisions! Basically, all items can also be ordered separately. The only exception are the Story Cubes, which are currently sold only on display. However, we charge a shipping and handling fee of € 7.50 up to a net value of € 250. Everything beyond that will be sent free of charge.

How do I always receive up-to-date information about your products, offers and promotions?

Subscribe to our dealer newsletter! This informs you approximately once a month about current offers as well as special promotions and introduces our novelties and classics. Please note that this offer is only for commercial customers.

Which sales representative is responsible for my region?

Our sales representatives are happy to be there for you. Who is responsible for which area, you can see here.

Help, my goods have not arrived yet or was damaged during transport! Who can help me?

Call us or send us an email. You can find the contact details here. We are happy to take care of your request! Please report the damage within 5 working days. In order to be able to process your request, we need image data of the defective article and the outer carton, if this is also damaged.

Are there special product presentations / displays? Do you also offer sales promotion materials and measures?

Yes, please contact us if you are interested. We are happy to assist you in the sale! The password-protected merchant section provides an overview of our current promotional materials. But you have to register first, because this offer is only for commercial customers.