Welt der Weine von HUCH! - Neuauflage

Item number: 882547
EAN: 4260071882547
Author: HUCH!, Awiwa International
Illustrator: HUCH!
Where do Austrian Smaragd wines get their name from? What does the term "meritage" mean on an American wine label? In World of Wines, wine lovers can test how many of the 900 questions they can answer correctly. The big quiz game takes its players into the world of grape varieties, growing regions, flavors and production methods. Highly equipped and thematically broad, the game is ideal for an entertaining, cozy evening with friends and the perfect gift for any wine lover. 

✔ Wine quiz for connoisseurs 
✔ New edition of a bestseller, high-quality components 
Number of players
2 - 6 Persons
Suitable for
18 - 99 Years
45 - 60 Minutes
70 x 265 x 265 mm