Truth or Drink von HUCH!

Item number: 493 151
EAN: 0850011493151
Author: CUT
Illustrator: CUT
What does it take for a good party? Drinks and... Cards! Players choose cards from 4 different sets. These range from relatively innocuous cards (to just get to know each other better), to the "extra dirty" set for the very late nights.... "Which app do you open fi rst thing in the morning?", "What was the most embarrassing compliment you ever got?" or even "Tell your teammates about your weirdest sex dream"! You always have a choice: Truth or Drink! But responsibly! Over 410 cards then guarantee party nights of a special kind. 

✔ Party game from 18 on 
✔ Millions of clicks on YouTube 
Number of players
2 - 10 Persons
Suitable for
18 - 99 Years
30 - 60 Minutes
75 x 185 x 130 mm