The little Witch - The twisted memory game

Item number: 880406
EAN: 4260071880406
Author: Kai Haferkamp
Illustrator: fiore-gmbh.de
In the game "Die kleine Hexe", children experience the story of the book. The little witch does many good deeds in order to prove to the big witches that she is a good witch. Players have to find the good deeds, one after another, on their spaces under the face-down tiles on the gameboard by stopping the witch who is flying over the playing area.

  • A memory game with an innovative turning mechanism
  • The playful children´s book classic "Die kleine Hexe"
Number of players
2 - 4 Persons
Suitable for
5 - 99 Years
20 - 30 Minutes
60 x 265 x 265 mm