Terra München

Item number: 973 741
EAN: 9 783864 973741
Author: Friedemann Friese
Illustrator: Marion Prix
Who knew that Albert Einstein earned some extra income as a helper at the "Wiesn" (Oktoberfest) in Munich, or how many episodes of the German children's TV series "Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl" were produced? With 300 questions, TERRA München provides many funny, useful, and sometimes maybe surprising facts about the districts of Munich, the world-famous "Wiesn" and all the other things that a connoisseur of Munich should know. With this game, TERRA MÜNCHEN follows TERRA and TERRA on Tour as the third title in the popular TERRA family, this time with a regional touch, and, as usual, with the estimate mechanism where everybody can take a guess without immediately having to let his (leather) pants down.
Number of players
2 - 6 Persons
Suitable for
10 - 99 Years
45 - 60 Minutes
85 x 295 x 295 mm