Tangram City von HUCH!

Item number: 883 643
EAN: 4 260071 883643
Author: Uwe Rosenberg
Illustrator: Makoto Takami
As a prestigious city planner, you have been ordered by the queen herself to build a harmonious city. Take care to balance the human and natural realms by creating equal amounts of building (black) and park (green) tiles, and do not forget to incorporate the shape of a rectangle - the shape most important for fortification. Can you build a city worthy of the queen? In Tangram City, players place tangram-shaped tiles in a randomly determined order in a square field while trying to balance the amount of building (black) and park (green) tiles. The more balanced these are and the more often you have built a rectangle shape, the more bonus points players receive. 

✔ Intuitive tile placement game 
✔ Easy scoring system 
Number of players
1 - 4 Persons
Suitable for
8 - 99 Years
30 Minutes
270 x 190 x 70 mm