Rollo - a yatzee game

Item number: 881823
EAN: 4260071881823
Illustrator: fiore-gmbh.de (Würfel), Sabine Kondirolli, HUCH!
Let the animal dice roll … With this funny dice game variant, even younger ones score points by collecting birds, rabbits, frogs & Co. 
Each player can roll the dice up to three times per round and tries to meet as many requirements as possible through clever combinations. 
The result can be entered immediately on the supplied block. Who manages to roll five identical motifs and
get the maximum number of points? And who gets a bonus?
Fun for the whole family – also ideal for on the go.

✔ A Yatzee game for kids
✔ Dice + animals = perfect for kids!

Number of players
2 - 6 Persons
Suitable for
4 - 99 Years
10 - 20 Minutes
22 x 123 x 187 mm