Quiz Club von Funtails

Item number: 145 628
EAN: 0725765145628
Author: Nils Hagemann
Illustrator: Daniel Müller, Hendrik Noack
You don't have to know everything yourself when you know who knows! Short rules, exciting questions from many categories and lots of fun! Being clueless has never been funnier! Quiz Club is a turn-based quiz game that alternates between "cooperative" and "competitive" play. In the cooperative rounds, you choose a question and pose it to a player who you think will answer it correctly. Instead, in the competitive rounds, you want to find a player that you hope can fill in a knowledge gap in the area of ​​the question.Quiz Club can be customized and expanded according to your taste: each expansion pack contains 120 new questions and answers for one specific subject area. This allows you to expand and personalize your gaming experience with various more specific themes as you wish.

Number of players
3 - 8 Persons
Suitable for
ab 12 Years
30 - 60 Minutes
24 x 18 x 5 mm