Powerline von Queen Games

Item number: 107 126
EAN: 4010350107126
Author: Dirk Henn
Illustrator: Patricia Limberger
You have been tasked with building an efficient power network by connecting power stations to supply cities with sustainable energy (and earn victory points). The dice will play a crucial role, since they specify the order in which you have to construct the diff erent powerlines. But which city do you want to supply first, and which power stations will be the easiest to connect?

Each round offers interesting choices and requires you to search for the best combinations in order to score. The player with the most VP after the final scoring is the winner of Powerline!

The game includes several variants, allowing you to tailor the experience to fi t your desired level of challenge.
Number of players
1 - 6 Persons
Suitable for
ab 8 Years
45 Minutes
295 x 64 x 295 mm