Pino Postino von HUCH!

Item number: 883 018
EAN: 4 260071 883018
Author: Florian Racky
Illustrator: Marek Bláha
Oh dear! Pino Postino, the messenger falcon of the Forest Kingdom has broken its wing. Not only is he fast and reliable, he is also often entrusted with secret missions for the royal couple. A replacement must be found quickly. Anyone who can move quickly and inconspicuously through the country is exactly the right animal here. And so the stag, wild boar, rabbit, fox and bear enter the competition: Who will be allowed to take on this important task until Pino is healthy again? At the beginning, everyone is given a secret animal identity. The fi ve animal messengers are moved on their way through the various landscapes of the land by using cards. Who will behave nimbly and with foresight in the terrain? Who will be able to unmask the identities of the others and win extra points? 

✔ Fast deduction game with secret identities 
✔ Playfully discover animal habitats 
Number of players
2 - 4 Persons
Suitable for
7 - 99 Years
15 Minutes
200 x 200 x 50 mm