New York - Essential Edition von Queen Games

Item number: 204 122
EAN: 4 010350 204122
Author: Stefan Feld
Illustrator: Klemens Franz
New York City, cosmopolitan city of superlatives 
New York City is the most populous city in the USA and is famous for its skyline with its many imposing skyscrapers. So many people require a lot of living space, so players take on the role of architects constructing new, prestigious high-rises. Success will require a strong team, building plans, some good press, and of course, plenty of money to pay for everything. Whoever builds the majority of skyscrapers in New York’s boroughs garners the most prestige and wins this exciting game. 

• Stacks of character tiles are placed on the table 
• 92 cardboard standee skyscrapers 
• Overview depicted on the game board; personal supply is placed on the table 
• Cardboard standees with cardboard base 
• Full gaming experience, with solo mode! 
Number of players
1 - 4 Persons
Suitable for
ab 14 Years
60 - 90 Minutes
295 x 295 x 77 mm