Item number: 880 659
EAN: 4 260071 880659
Author: Andreas Pelikan
Illustrator: fiore-gmbh.de
The pugs are going crazy because another load of delicious bones has just arrived from the kitchen. None of the dogs can get enough and everybody wants to get the best pieces for himself. Therefore, each spoiled pug forges ahead in order to snatch the tasty food before the others do ... and then there is also a nasty cat lurking around to totally mess everything up! If you play the highest card in MOPSEN, you are rewarded with as many victory points as the number of bones shown on this card. But if you play the lowest card, you may swipe a card. You simply take a just-played card back into your hand. And by doing this, you also change the pecking order. No sooner than one of the pugs has become first in line do his competitors come and push past him. Use  your cards wisely and get hold of the most bones in the 3 game rounds.

  • Charmingly designed trick-taking game for the entire family
  • Simple rules, great playing fun
Number of players
3 - 5 Persons
Suitable for
7 - 99 Years
30 Minutes
25 x 121 x 94 mm