Moby Trick von HUCH!

Item number: 883 728
EAN: 4 260071 883728
Author: Jochen Knittel
Illustrator: Stefan Sonnberger
Narwhals are the trump card! But not always, because the orcas, sperm whales and blue whales can also turn the tide. In MOBY TRICK, all the familiar rules of trick-taking games apply, but there is a special twist: whoever wins the trick chooses a card that has been played. This gives them points, but the person who played it receives bonus effects for one of the next rounds. For example, they can change the trump suit or infl uence the round in other ways. 

✔ Trick-Taking-Game with special twist 
✔ Many individual whale illustrations 
Number of players
3 - 4 Persons
Suitable for
10 - 99 Years
20 Minutes
110 x 75 x 30 mm