Make Fake News Great Again

Item number: 881410
EAN: 4260071881410
Author: HUCH!
Illustrator: HUCH!
You know the truth? Nothing but the truth? You want the world to share your news? Then spill it and come up with the most fantastic
stories. But beware – all players are involved in the news and everybody contributes his content. Each player throws one card into the ring,
but it is only you who makes the news. Use the information from the other players. But be careful: At least one piece of information has no
place in your story, and you decide which one it is. Blow the cover of the card, which gives another player minus points. The player who tells
the best fake news earns the respect of the others and, as a perk, gets one of his opponents into trouble.
Number of players
4 Persons
Suitable for
ab 16 Years
10 Minutes
70 x 116 x 162 mm