Item number: 400258
EAN: 5060156400258
Author: Richard Breese
In Keyper, players try to build their village and farm, so that they have the best economical conditions. It is being played over the course of 4 seasons, during which players gather buildings, raw material, animals and gem stones. It is a worker placement game. What makes Keyper special is that when one player places a keyple on a country board, another player can join them with a matching colored keyple on the first player's turn to the benefit of both players. In this way some players are likely to have played all their keyples before others.

✔ A member of the Key family
✔ Innovative foldable tableau for each player
Number of players
2 - 4 Persons
Suitable for
14 - 99 Years
60 - 120 Minutes
70 x 225 x 315 mm