Jigzle 3D Wooden Puzzle Bear

Item number: 882257
EAN: 4260071882257
JIGZLE presents high-quality wooden puzzles that inspire and convince with a wide variety of products. Behind the enchanting products is Team Green® – a team of designers that has made it their mission to design and produce environmentally friendly products that also meet an aesthetic standard. The ecological message runs through the entire product process: We love our life and our world, so we use FSC™-certified material for our products to make our world sustainable.
The simple product concept is impressive: the puzzle pieces only have to be pressed out of the punched sheet. After that, they can be put together without tools or other aids. Become a DIY expert and immerse yourself in a fascinating 3D world of puzzling! Take some time out and train fi ne motor skills and spatial imagination along the way.