Haste Worte - Das Würfelspiel

Item number: 880 352
EAN: 4 260071 880352
Author: Hartwig Jakubik, (Idee: Wolfgang Kramer, Michael Kiesling)
Illustrator: kinetic
HASTE WORTE enters the next stage! In addition to the successful communication game, there is now also a dice game. The dice determine the category in which players need to find the right words. But watch out! The terms you find do not necessarily give you points - the other players can challenge you for the terms! Only if you think carefully and constantly keep an eye on the other players can you rake in points and win the game.

  • The classic as a dice game
  • With 6 image dice
Number of players
2 - 6 Persons
Suitable for
10 - 99 Years
30 - 45 Minutes
45 x 200 x 200 mm