Goblin Coaster

Item number: 882 189
EAN: 4260071882189
Author: Jan Meyberg, Ursula Hermens-Meyberg
Illustrator: Antje und Claus Stephan
The goblins want to make their dungeon more attractive and have decided to build a really daring roller coaster, the Goblin Coaster.
The construction site is just opening when the unbelievable happens: Because of a misunderstanding one of the goblins is already starting the coaster! Will the goblins manage to build the roller coaster before the wagon arrives at the end of the track and crashes down? In this fast-paced cooperative laying game, players take on the role of the goblins and do what they can to finish the roller coaster quickly! To do so, players have to connect further track sections. But there are also some dangerous obstacles like rocks, spiders and bats on the track which need to be cleared first.. It's a funny competition against time, which (hopefully!) will result in a finished roller coaster at the end! 

✔ Cooperative gaming fun with time pressure 
✔ Funny topic for a broad target group 
Number of players
2 - 6 Persons
Suitable for
8 - 99 Years
20 Minutes
70 x 270 x 270 mm