Funkey Monkey

Item number: 881472
EAN: 4260071881472
Author: Steffen Bogen
Illustrator: Fiore GmbH
The Funky Monkeys are running through the forest. Everybody teases everybody else and all monkeys fool around, wild and loud. 
Just for mischief, they decide to take a test of courage: Who will be bold enough to aggravate the tiger by throwing a coconut right on his head? 
Find out and pass on face-down vine cards to one another. Who has the courage to reveal an opponent's card?
Do you want to progress quickly in order to land exactly on the tiger? Or would you rather keep enough distance so that you won't
end up in his claws? There's a lot going on in Funky Monkey... but don't get too boisterous!
Number of players
2 - 7 Persons
Suitable for
10 - 99 Years
30 Minutes
55 x 250 x 250 mm