Fresh Fruits

Item number: 882 639
EAN: 4260071882639
Author: Francesco Calvi
Illustrator: fiore-gmbh.de | HUCH!
Aunt Helga has sent you shopping – you should buy the juiciest fruits. But it is not so easy to bring them home in one piece! Of course, the heavy fruits must not be put on top of the light ones and of course you should buy exactly the fruits that Aunt Helga would like to have. Who succeeds in stowing the requested fruits in his basket in such a way that none is crushed and the lighter ones lie on top of the heavier ones? The player who fulfills the most requirements receives the most victory points and wins.

  • Exciting Can't-Stop mechanism
  • Quick access to a multifaceted family game
Number of players
2 - 5 Persons
Suitable for
8 - 99 Years
15 Minutes
50 x 200 x 200 mm