Fresco Revised Edition von Queen Games

Item number: 105 825
EAN: 4010350105825
Author: Marco Ruskowski, Marcel Süßelbeck
Illustrator: Oliver Schlemmer
As fresco painters you are restoring the large ceiling of the cathedral on behalf of the bishop. Good planning is always necessary. Colours must be bought, the fresco restored and new colours mixed. Only those who plan wisely can score the most victory points and become the most successful fresco painter.

Besides the basic game, the game contains two expansion modules. “The special colour mixtures” and “The favour of the bishop”. You can combine these with the basic game according to your wishes. They offer new challenges and extend the game duration.
Number of players
2 - 4 Persons
Suitable for
ab 10 Years
60 Minutes
295 x 77 x 295 mm