Item number: 881 441
EAN: 4 260071 881441
Author: Johannes Krenner
Illustrator: fiore-gmbh.de
Lulu, Sonny and Duke take part in the great duck race. Play your hand cards cleverly and draw only cards that are of advantage to you for your next turn. Watch your opponents closely – the first player to play all his cards wins the round and earns valuable points. Will you play quickly but cleverly? Or will you be bold enough to duck down and exit the round? And if you do, will you really have the lowest total in your hand? Who will duck down most quickly and thus gain the most victory points?

  • A brisk and funny card game
  • Duck down or go full risk!
Number of players
2 - 5 Persons
Suitable for
8 - 99 Years
20 Minutes
25 x 121 x 94 mm