Item number: 882 134
EAN: 4260071882134
Author: Thomas Sing
Illustrator: kinetic
In Circles, everything goes round in circles! In Circles, you roll the ball to operate the board game. And: Circles is two games in one. Circles is a high-quality ball track covered with felt. In the middle, there is the double-sided game board. On one side of the board you dive into the Wild West. Dig for gold and silver, be God-fearing, fight bandits and evil neighbours and fulfi l your big dream of owning your own ranch! On the other side of the board, it gets sporty: aim precisely, let the ball roll perfectly and score the most victory points in target shooting. In Circles, you can't rely on dice or cards. In Circles it's all about rolling the ball perfectly and activating the right squares at the right time! 

✔ Innovative game mechanism 
✔ Two games in one 
Number of players
2 - 5 Persons
Suitable for
7 - 99 Years
30 Minutes
60 x 300 x 300 mm