Captain Wonder Cape

Item number: 881724
EAN: 4260071881724
Author: Carlo Lanzavecchia, Walter Obert
Illustrator: kinetic
What would the world be without toilet paper ?! After all, even superheroes have to go to the bathroom! Of course, it can happen that the paper gets tangled in your own superhero costume. Embarrassing, embarrassing – suddenly the fluttering cape is getting longer, but unfortunately it is no longer completely pure.
In this game you play a dual role: As Captain Wonder Cape, each of you tries to pull the longest possible cape (strip of toilet paper) out of the box without ripping it. But you also have to give Professor P. a chance by placing his dirty tricks on the strip of toilet paper. Whoever has the longest strip of paper at the end,
wins. Take on the delicate challenge – whoever has drawn the longest toilet paper strip at the end wins the game ... and the title ”Captain toilet brush“.
Number of players
2 - 6 Players
Suitable for
7 - 99 Years
10 - 20 Minutes
130 x 145 x 250 mm