Alhambra - The Red Palace von Queen Games

Item number: 107 737
EAN: 4 010350 107737
Author: Dirk Henn
Illustrator: Patricia Limberger
A new stand-alone game in the world of ”Alhambra“! 
The 20-year anniversary of the award-winning game “Alhambra” led to the development of this stand-alone game “The Red Palace”. It captures the classic Alhambra feeling and adds numerous tactical choices, new game mechanics, and increases the replay value with special abilities that change from game to game. The guards, who are stationed on the city walls, can be used for powerful special actions or award points at the end of the game. The 89 wooden buildings let your Alhambra appear in gorgeous 3D. Already includes 3 expansions for even more variety! 
Number of players
2 - 6 Persons
Suitable for
ab 14 Years
60 Minutes
295 x 295 x 77 mm