In the kitchen there are all kinds of obstacles for children. Reading recipes, weighing and cutting ingredients, for example.

With Chefclub Kids, we make it our mission to promote children's independence by removing these obstacles.

How? With products designed with kids in mind!

The size, colors, safety features and functions have been tailored to children ages 4 and up, helping them to actively participate in cooking and baking, even with limited motor skills, and to make their own recipes entirely on their own.

Our recipes are illustrated, from the ingredients to the preparation steps, so that even children who cannot yet read can find their way around. The measuring cups, which can be easily distinguished from each other by different colors and figures, help with weighing and measuring. 350 g of flour and a kitchen scale turn into a red measuring cup with the cook on top. This visual imagery is very intuitive and helps children gain confidence. If something has to be chopped, this is, thanks to the knife for children, also no longer a worrying project, the fear for the fingers has an end! If the dough needs to be rolled out, the Chefclub rolling pin with silicone rings for the right thickness helps, accurate to the millimeter.

The products of Chefclub Kids are designed for children and are tested in the process of creation by children and, either found to be good, or revised, and this until they are found to be good by the children.

Children, families and the Chefclub community are heavily involved in the production of our products, starting with the handling for the little ones and ending with the colors of the products - their opinion is asked for and is especially important to us.

Let us convince you of the Chefclub Kids products - a brand for children, parents and the whole family.