Witchstone Full Moon von HUCH!

Artikelnummer: 882 608
EAN: 4260071882608
Autor: Reiner Knizia, Martino Chiacchiera
Illustrator: Mariusz Gandzel
It's full moon in the magical world of Witchstone! And as everyone knows, witches and wizards develop very special powers during a full moon. Their abilities become more powerful and the potion in their cauldrons even more effective. In this expansion to the strategy game Witchstone you can combine new modules at will, which lead to even stronger combinations, but at the same time require new strategies. So each player has a card that lets you activate one of two special abilities for each turn. You also get to collect new tiles for your cauldron to have even better chain reactions. 

✔ 3D miniatures and new special cards 
✔ Two expansion modules and additional rules in one box 
2 - 4 Spieler
Geeignet für
12 - 99 Jahre
48 x 133 x 183 mm