Touch It Japan von Huch!

Artikelnummer: 883 094
EAN: 4260071883094
Autor: Romain Caterdjian
Illustrator: Luka Wang, Atalia, HUCH!
Whoever takes these cards in hand, is immediately captivated: The cards have 4 illustrations on the front. One of them is embossed on the back. Purely by feeling the embossing you have to determine the image. But of course at the same time and against each other! Whoever fi nds the right picture fi rst gets the most points. Quick to play and even quicker to explain, "Touch it" is the game for every occasion and age group.

✔ New kind of cards 
✔ Different editions 
2 - 6 Spieler
Geeignet für
6 - 99 Jahre
28 x 95 x 70 mm