Rivality von HUCH!

Artikelnummer: 307 976
EAN: 0745240307976
Autor: François Bachelart
Illustrator: IdéeSens Studio, Lucie Mercier
For centuries, the colorful Mana Spring has been a sanctuary for mages to gather and draw new power. But with great power often comes even more greed. For a long time it was peaceful in the forest around the Mana Spring, but you can already hear the fi rst golems approaching with heavy steps. The mages wrestle with their golem armies for control of the Spring, because whoever controls it controls all magic in the land. Rivality is a game of area control. Skillfully place your tiles to march the golems and hold the most valuable tiles at the end of the game. 
✔ Several game modes 
✔ Dynamic battle for majorities 
1 - 4 Spieler
Geeignet für
10 - 99 Jahre
47 x 250 x 250 mm