East India Companies von HUCH!

Artikelnummer: 882 622
EAN: 4260071882622
Autor: Pascal Ribrault
Illustrator: Guillaume Tavernier
In the 18th and 19th centuries, shipping companies strengthen the trade between the West and the Far East that has begun in previous centuries. Tea, spices, coffee, and silk are commodities much consumed in Europe, and their buying and selling prices depend closely on supply and demand. Fortunes can be made and gambled depending on circumstances. In East India Companies, players manage a large shipping company that trades with far-fl ung trading posts in Asia. They must manage their ships and invest in buying shares of their own company or those of their competitors. And most importantly, players have to keep an eye on the constantly fl uctuating market prices! Is it better to invest your money in the stock market or in buying goods? Do they prefer to use fast ships with low tonnage or slower ships with larger holds? Whatever the players choose, their strategies will infl uence those of their opponents. 

✔ Fascinating trading game in the flair of the 18th and 19th centuries 
✔ Thematically and mechanically closely interlocked game phases 
2 - 4 Spieler
Geeignet für
14 - 99 Jahre
60 - 120 Minuten
75 x 295 x 295 mm