Bunny Kingdom in the Sky

Artikelnummer: 515859
EAN: 3760175515859
Autor: Richard Garfield
Illustrator: Paul Mafayon
Englische Version

Exploration continues with the Great Cloud above the
New World. This Great Cloud contains a lot of exotic
resources to make your fiefs prosper. On top of that, a
new color of rabbits has settled in the Kingdom, making
Bunny Kingdom playable up to 5 players!
This expansion adds a new board to the original game,
with a lot of unique resources, which will make it even
more crucial for players to link their fiefs in all new
ways! Bringing new options (such as Strength 5 cities!)
and strategies to the original game, Bunny Kingdom in
the Sky brings new light to the base game’s cards, thus
allowing even better replayability!
2 - 5 Spieler
Geeignet für
14 - 99 Jahre
45 Minuten
40 x 295 x 295 mm